You Do You

We waste so much time worrying about how others perceive us. If we put half as much energy into working on ourselves, for ourselves, we’d be unstoppable. Some people’s opinions matter (to an extent), for example, your boss’ opinion of your work. But most of what people have going through their heads shouldn’t affect you.

Worrying less about what people think goes hand in hand with protecting your time and living the life you want to lead. Instead of worrying what people may think if you skip out on a group event on a Friday night, think about how well rested you’ll feel on Saturday morning after you’ve had a chance to recharge.

Other people’s thoughts and opinions are just that. They have zero power. Next time you’re stalled because you’re worried about what someone else will think of your actions, just go for it. You’ll thank us later.

Trust your instincts. Take care of yourself first. You do you.


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