Those Weekend Vibes

I bet many of you are heading into a 3-day weekend that you’ve been looking forward to since the last 3-day weekend…am I right? What I’m curious to know is how many plans you’ve made for yourself over the next three days. Any chance I can convince you to ditch one or more of those commitments? You’ll thank me on Tuesday.

Whatever you have planned, even if it’s a date with Netflix, I hope you can fully indulge. But if you are even the slightest bit iffy about any of it, stop and ask yourself if you can bail on one or two things in favor of giving yourself some me-time (which I’m willing to bet you sorely need).

As for me, I will be moving furniture around my house to make room for the new floors we are having installed next week. Doing home renovations definitely puts your deprioritizing skills to the test, but more on that in an upcoming post.

I hope your weekend is only filled with things you actually want to do!


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