Conscious Gift Giving

The Holidays are a lot of things and cluttered is one of them. Our schedules are crazy and we accumulate So. Much. Stuff.

Practice conscious gift giving. If you’re throwing a white elephant party, set some rules such as the item has to be consumable or smaller than x. When buying gifts for your friends and family, think of things that are useful and don’t take up much space. Bonus points if it’s consumable: Wine of the month club anyone? In fact, skip gift giving all together. Maybe you host a brunch or dinner party for the holidays as a way to spend quality time with your peeps and treat them to something special.

Don’t start the new year weighed down by stuff you don’t need like a singing toilet paper roll. Break the pattern of giving people unnecessary stuff. Your friends and family will appreciate you and might even follow suit.

Happy Holidays ya’ll!


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