“Turkey” Day

It was 10 Thanksgivings ago. My gentleman lover and I weren’t a “thing” yet, but he was certainly making an effort. He invited me as his +1 to a Friendsgiving he was attending. Rosco, my 100-lb. chocolate Labrador, was invited too. Within minutes of our arrival, Rosco, who otherwise was well-behaved, took a wiz on the living room floor. I was mortified until Blue arrived, a smaller yet more rambunctious mutt, who quickly bolted upstairs and took a wiz on the homeowners’ bed.

Fast forward 3 Thanksgivings. Now it’s official, but we’re dating long distance. We spend our first (well technically, second) Thanksgiving at his bachelor pad, as he still longingly refers to it. That was the start of our “turkey” day tradition. I call it “turkey” day for fun, but we don’t cook, eat or even think about turkey. It goes something like this:

  1. Obligatory exercise
  2. The 3 Cs: Champagne, Charcuterie and Cheese
  3. Football – Go Cowboys!
  4. Many delicious wines
  5. Authentic Gumbo shipped from Louisiana (we live no where near there)
  6. More wine of course
  7. Sleep

Thanksgiving is a relationship favorite because we’ve made it our own and there’s not one aspect of our “turkey” day that sucks…as far as we’re concerned.

Maybe you can’t upend all of your plans this Thanksgiving, but I bet you can make at least ONE trade-off this week. Of all the commitments, small or large, that you lined up for yourself, find just ONE of them that you can ditch knowing that no one will die (I’m guessing most of them result in zero deaths). Maybe it’s only accepting one of the invites you received, maybe it’s purchasing a prepared dish instead of cooking that side you agreed to bring, or maybe it’s texting a heartfelt message instead of calling your loved ones that you can’t be with on this holiday.

Imagine if you could free yourself of one commitment this week. This year we’re attending a Friendsgiving at a nearby friend’s house. We’ll bring wine and not cook or clean a thing. Our only commitment is to food, wine and people we actually like.


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